"Collaborating With Global Creatives, Artists, Craftsmen and Designers is our DNA"

OMD Creations Pte. Ltd (Only Matters of Designers’ Creations), is a fashion-oriented company that is highly passionate about creating and managing distinctive brands from start to finish.

Working relentlessly with creative artists, fashion designers, craftsmen and manufacturers globally to introduce new concepts, develop brand voices and plan visual identities to bring out the most uniquely creative pieces and collections, OMD does it all through a sustainable lens.

Our company’s approach is to get our products manufactured using only premium fabric that are sustainable, ecofriendly, and most importantly, safe for our consumers to wear.


Tell your stories and see minds open

Open a mind and see what happens next
Open a door, and you will open all others

Open includes
Open embraces

Open is creativity at its best
Art, crafts, designs and stories

Those are dreams told in the open
Open is not just what we believe

Open is who we are


We wanted to create a fashion brand that respects and reveres the craft of design.

Therefore, we created Oiyku, a brand that provides an open and collaborative platform to creatives and artists all over the world,

making creation accessible to anyone who can appreciate excellent craftsmanship.

To Oiyku, craftsmanship is the highest form of storytelling – it is a story transformed into something tangible and wearable.

Coming Soon


Welcome to Burning Orchid Story, the place where our fashion story becomes the fashion story for millions of women all around the world. Born in Singapore, our logo pays homage to the national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim. A symbol of hardiness and resilience – She is the epitome of beauty, strength, and diversity of a unique culture.

When we look stunning, we feel empowered. Our fashion story is about creating futuristic styles, art, designs, and finishes. Our goal as a brand is to empower women through fashion. We work hard to design all our pieces and bring them to life. Our talented team of designers come together from different parts of the globe, bringing a unique and different approach to all of our garments, inspired by their diverse cultural backgrounds.


We believe in collaborating and helping independent startup fashion entrepreneurs to take action, make progress and reach their goals.

The early phase of a start - up is the most exciting feeling. The realm of possibility is immense – you never know what can spring out from an idea.

We can walk with you in your journey as we understand what it takes to create something from start to finish.

Reach out to us and find out how we can help bring your vision to life.